With Delta Bpo Solutions, you gain productivity and have cutting edge services throughout the operational chain. The processes undergo continuous reviews, either to adapt to new practices or to performance evaluations made through precise indicators. 

In addition to increasing the return obtained on each investment, Delta Bpo Franchise is a way to make the company grow with more security and speed.

Document management BPO:

Document management, which includes dematerialization (scanning of paper documents), indexing and checking, as well as archiving all physical documentation, is one of the tasks that can be contracted from a Delta Bpo Solutions.

It may even seem that digitizing documents is easily done internally, but for efficient management. That includes the correct indexing for easy consultation or integration of data in other systems, it implies a high investment in specific information systems.

Human Resources BPO:

For a company with a very small number of employees, as a rule, accounting services also deal with payroll processing. But, when talking about a higher number of employees, hiring a specialized human resource management BPO service will undoubtedly be an appropriate option.

The efficiency of the solution is based on the identification of employee and company data, the registration of all occurrences of the employee (registration, time management, salary processing and compliance with legal obligations).

This BPO solution allows the employer to know and act in the control of professional risks. They enable the development and implementation of preventive and corrective actions, aimed at controlling occupational accidents and the emergence of occupational diseases.

Contact center BPO:

There are also more specific services such as the BPO of contact centers that make it possible, in an agile and almost immediate way to set up inbound and outbound strategies. 

Tasks dedicated to managing the entire relationship and communication with customers, from receiving calls for general service, registering orders or complaints, to carrying out proactive marketing actions.

This entire operation is carried out by a team trained in accordance with the requirements and needs of each client. Specialized and multidisciplinary teams that dedicate themselves exclusively to this component of the business.

What are the advantages of BPO services?

– Speed ​​and efficiency: By hiring specific services to specialized companies, you gain in efficiency and speed, while also ensuring financial savings.

– Always with the latest technology: Unlike companies that invest in the acquisition of programs and technology, by resorting to an external service, they ensure that their processes are always carried out with the latest technology.

– Regular reports: When you join these services, you will have regular and almost immediate reports of all processes.

– Savings in resources and training: The companies that provide these services are made up of specialized teams and as such gain in efficiency and save on training.

What activities can be targeted by the BPO?

Currently, companies that work with Business Process Outsourcing perform the most different services. This means that it is possible to act in numerous areas. Check out which are the most common segments.

– IT infrastructure management and technology services

– Data analysis

– Juridical processes

– Human Resources

– Compliance

– Accounting and financial management