Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) at Delta Bpo Solutions linkedin is the outsourcing of business process functions to service providers, either internal or external to the company, usually in lower-cost locations.

Information and communication technologies, have allowed part of the work of companies to be carried out in different places, and even more so, to be done by other specialized companies at a lower cost. Today many of the common functions of companies are outsourced from Delta Bpo Solutions so that it can focus on its business and strategy. These services are:

  • Customer service to a company specialized in telephone calls (call center business)
  • The administration of human resources (payment of salaries, hiring, and selection, among other activities).
  • Accounting and finance.
  • The administration of technology.
  • Online Form filling.
  • Data Verification projects.
  • Data Entry projects
  • Internal BPO projects
  • Remote Analysis and Surveys. etc

Delta Bpo Solutions and its tie-ups:

We offer various Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to large companies. The areas of the BPO that have traditionally seen the greatest demand and development are:

  1. Legal document and mortgage filing:

It includes financial analysis, financial planning, and reporting, managerial accounting, cash and treasury management, payment and receipt of accounts, risk, and tax management.

  • Customer Contact Services BPO:

Call centers, customer service, claims, etc. for a particular brand and its accessories that are sold.

  • Data entry projects:

Entering useful data in the team drives, keeping the record, daily entries, account ledgers, etc are included in this service.

Our vision towards Outsourcing culture:

The outsourcing of a business process consists of the outsourcing of the management of some area or activity of an organization to a specialized provider, based on a multi-year contract.

This agreement at Delta Bpo Linkedin guarantees a quality of service through service indicators. This implies a paradigm shift for clients: delegating media management for the benefit of service level management

The evolution of outsourcing business practice at Delta has been growing over the last few years, mainly in the field of information systems.

However, a new phenomenon emerges in the strategic actions of organizations: the outsourcing of a business process, in which Information Systems are one of the supports, one of the dimensions of the business.

To the traditional reasons that have promoted outsourcing, such as concentrating on the main business activities, reducing costs, and converting fixed costs into variables, we have successfully made it possible to handle and manage other activities with greater commitment and creativity.

Commitment and quality work at Delta Bpo Solutions:

We fulfill the need of start-up companies to create highly dynamic service structures adaptable to changing environments in the ways of doing business and providing services.

From this perspective, outsourcing at Delta, comes with an adaptation of the internal cost structure to this new system, defining its situations at an accounting and operational level. Thus, the data obtained through the cost system of outsourced activities about the costs of internal activities.

We can guarantee the availability of resources and specialized technology at predictable costs. With this comes the improvement of global efficiency and not only of certain tasks.

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