The primary and important function of an inbound BPO is to receive incoming calls from customers. It also involves monitoring inbound process centers since the calls tend to come from existing customers with issues or questions. Inbound BPO is the easiest way to connect with people and to help them out through telephone calls. Whereas, an outbound call center makes an outgoing call to shoppers.

Delta Bpo Solutions has created employment with BPO project outsourcing in India. They are giving more preference to the start-up companies which will be more beneficial for the company and Delta Bpo will help them to grow faster in the market. The Delta Bpo Solutions company is looking forward to startups that can run inbound processes and can make good revenue for their centers as promised.

 The inbound and outbound call center is the lead foundation of the BPO industry.

The company possesses the latest technology to deliver excellent quality with turnaround time. They do honor their customers with respect to ensure customer satisfaction by rewarding quality work at the right time and in the right manner.

The Delta Bpo Solutions company offers various projects to the startups such as

INBOUND BPO PROJECTS: The first process widely known as the inbound process or inbound call center is a call center process whose primary responsibility is to handle incoming customer phone calls. It is a customer-oriented call, which contains several reasons, that includes, a query for an order, voicing a complaint, asking a question, canceling a flight reservation, etc. It is a high responsibility as the customer service has to pick up the call immediately.


• FEEDBACKS:  A BPO executive needs to be versatile enough to handle feedback inbound calls from customers. Feedbacks are generally a customer’s responses that have been provided based on the experience that they had.

•  RETURN POLICY: In an inbound process, a BPO executive should be knowledgeable to guide the customer regarding all technicalities associated with return policies. He should be aware of all the return policies to help the customer as the earliest.

•  TECHNICAL SUPPORT: A BPO executive should be a technically sound person and should assist the customer with all technical support. Any technical support regards to placing an order or website navigation can be raised in an inbound process.

•  INBOUND SALES:  Inbound sales focus on the customer’s needs and the salesperson adapts the buyer’s perspective, acting as a trusted advisor.


•  CONDUCTING SURVEY: Conducting customer service is one of the most important works in the outbound process. To get an improved consumer experience, it is very important for businesses to conduct surveys to understand the behavior and changing demands of the customers.

•  TELEMARKETING:  Telemarketing is basically generating PR promotion through telephonic calls and making consumers aware of the latest happenings around. Before this, the BPO executive should be aware of all the details related to it which makes them clear each and every doubt of the customer.

•  CUSTOMER RETENTION:  Customer retention is an attempt to make outbound calls to the customers in order to make them feel connected with the brand. The reason behind this exercise is to retain loyal customers and also, to gain new customers which helps in the expansion of business.

•  LEAD GENERATION: It is a method where prospective customers or clients are called by a business or brand to inform them about their various products & services and to raise interest and awareness among those offerings.

It is clearly one of the best ways because Customer service makes a firm big in terms of recognition and size. With the help of the strong inbound and outbound call center network. A company can attract tons of clients. Many businesses get strategized broadly and retain customers to attain business outcomes. With this, employment can also be increased and can help various people to get out of the vicious circle of unemployment.

These BPO Projects can be easily found in Delta Bpo Solutions company which is coming under one of the best companies in the business field. It’s a great opportunity for the start-ups to maintain good liaison with them. This is the easiest and most effective way to enter this field and get a recognized position in the corporate field.